The Academic work is combined withpractical activities with the local airlines in Ghana. This program is tailored to enable student career development goals which constitutes a cumulative work experience obtained in the academic environment which may satisfy the requirement of local and foreign controlling authorities.

Scope of Training offered

Engineers level 1 Qualification

AVIAT training program is a set or series of courses that are designed to provide 2 years Basic Airframe and power plant training leading to an aircraft engineer’s level 1 qualification (GCAD IS Cat A license). Upon completing this course of study, successful students will receive a result slip and an engineering training diploma. The results slip shall be presented to GCAA as a pre-requisite to arrange a skill test for the applicant. A GCAD IS Cat A license is then issued applicant.

Engineers level 2 Qualification

A holder of GCAD IS Cat A license with 2 years’ work experience shall be eligible for the EASA prescribed modular courses for B1/B2. Upon completing the course of study, a successful students receive a result slip bearing the modules they have passed which shall be presented to EASA for the issue of a basic B1/B2 maintenance engineers licenses.

Academic syllabus

Academic teaching is based on approved syllabus with a prescribed knowledge level tailored on the GCAR 31 Requirement.

Location the Academic Block

The institute is located in an area surrounded by commercial and church activities. The academic block is behind the kingdom books and stationary shop which is adjacent thespintex road Royal House Chapel.

Students Auditorium

A Christian union on campus provides fellowships which support individuals and small groups to develop their faith an idea which inspire students and compile them to engage in local community outreach.

The auditorium functions as a performing and instructional area for the student body. It also provides for large group instruction, testing, and Christian fellowship activities

Bookshop and Library

A library within the academic block is opened from Mondays to Fridays within the hours of 9AM to 4PM to permit students access technical reference books.

Kingdom books and stationary shop situated adjacent to the school academic block opens for commercial activities from Monday to Fridays, from 9pm to 4pm.

The shop is accessible to students within these hours for the purchase of books and academic materials.

Students Transport Shuttle

A bus shall shuttle vantage points in Accra between the early hours of 7am and 9am to convey student for academic work. This activity is repeated at 4 pm after closing. this is the most preferred system in Accra to commute for students during the rush hours in the morning and evenings.

Students Cafeteria

Our student’s cafeteria runs during working hours from Mondays to Fridays for staff and students to make food selection.

The food is usually placed in a tray and paid for at a casher’s station at an agreed discount.

The student and staff food security is assured by policy-making and strict compliance

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